Product Range

  • SiHuB Sensor Calibration System

    SiHuB Sensor Calibration System

    Generate accurate test mixtures of VOCs and humidity for breath sensor calibration [...]

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  • ultraFAIMS


    Add ion mobility to existing mass spectrometers to provide in-source separation of ions [...]

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  • Lonestar VOC Analyzer

    Lonestar VOC Analyzer

    A non-invasive, easy to use analyzer for the detection of disease biomarkers in clinical samples [...]

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  • ATLAS Headspace Sampler

    ATLAS Headspace Sampler

    Add simple and reproducible headspace sampling to Lonestar for analysis of VOCs from liquids and solids [...]

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  • ReCIVA® Breath Sampler

    ReCIVA® Breath Sampler

    In the burgeoning field of breath research, a key requirement is the ability to reliably and reproducibly capture breath samples for analysis [...]

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  • CASPER Portable Air Supply

    CASPER Portable Air Supply

    ReCIVA and CASPER have been designed with support from the Breathe Free Consortium of leading breath specialists around the world. [...]

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