Boerman System Automation (BSA) is established in 1996 by Jan-Kees Boerman as a company for process techniques. Gradually the company growed to IT. At the end of 1999, BSA started to develop embedded web techniques.

In february 2000 the first project about environment monitoring was started. One year later, in februari 2001 an own calibration unit was realised for calibration of gas sensors.

Because environmental monitoring was expanding within BSA, in the summer of 2001 it was decided to start another company to design and produce gassensor measurement applications. Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) BV was born.


Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) BV, commonly shortened as EMS, is a product development and engineering office for environment measurement- and control systems. These products, gas- and dust measurement systems are launched on the market under the name MACView®.

EMS works from the principle: Technology meets nature. The evolution of technology caused a worse environment, nowadays our technology provides the solutions for improvements.

EMS does not only develop and manufacture equipment for gas and dust measurement, we can also install, adjust and calibrate it. We make field measurements including reports for using in risk inventory, evacuation plans and environmental reports. We would like to inform you about these special projects in a personal meeting or by phone.

We would like to advise you about how to avoid harmful vapours. Of course the best remedy is to never use dangerous materials. But, if this is not possible, there are far more ways to lower harmful concentrations in the environment(air).

Beside technical innovation and high quality EMS stands for good service and excellent support.