Orka Food Technology Ltd

Orka Food Technology Ltd

EggTester.Com (officially known as "Orka Food Technology") is a leading worldwide supplier of egg-quality measuring equipment. The company was established in 2004 to respond to the needs of the egg industry for innovative, labor-saving, high-quality devices for measuring egg-quality. The professionals who founded EggTester.Com have backgrounds in multidisciplinary engineering, advanced medical devices, research, development and marketing.


The flagship product, EggAnalyzer® (patent pending), was released in early 2006 and was soon followed by a series of other egg-quality measuring devices, such as Eggshell Thickness GaugeEgg Force ReaderDigital Haugh Tester and Egg OR Candler.


Besides manufacturing state of the art egg-quality measuring equipment, EggTester.Com is involved in ongoing research and development of other egg-quality measuring devices. The company sells internationally and maintains a network of distributors worldwide to assist with technical support and service.


EggTester.Com's lucrative list of customers includes United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Army (US Army), Pfizer, DSM, Charles River, University of Arkansas, University of Illinois, Texas A&M University, Purdue University, North Carolina State University, Hickman Family Farms, Hidden Villa Ranch, Organic Valley, University of Guelph (Canada), Burnbrae Farms (Canada), Dalhousie University (Canada), Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (Canada), Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Poultry Health Services (Canada, Maia Agroindustriale (Italy), ILVO (Belgium), Babolna Tetra Kft (Hungary), Ministry of Agriculture (Israel), Selcuk University (Turkey), DSA Kimya Ve Tarim Urunleri (Turkey), University of Pristina (Kosovo), Vimifos (Mexico), Bachoco S.A. de C.V.(Mexico), Poultry Institute (China), Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science (China),  Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Science (China), Taian Baolai-Leelai Biological Engineering Company (China), China Agricultural University (China), Hebei Univeristy (China), CP Group (Thailand), Laemthong Farm (Thailand), VietFarm (Vietnam), Syiah Kuala University (Indonesia), University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Lahore (Pakistan), University of Ghana, Univ of Chile, to name a few. 


Our mission is to spread the industry standard in egg quality and we are constantly working to improve our hardware and software and are committed to producing top quality testing devices.