Falling Number Testing

The Falling Number System is an automatic analysis system designed for fast and convenient operation of the Falling Number test.

Alpha-amylase activity has great influence upon the quality of baked goods, pasta, and noodles. Sprout damage is caused by alpha-amylase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme in

grain that increases in concentration during wet harvests. The Falling Number (FN) method is a fast and easy test to determine alpha-amylase activity in order to detect sprout damage. The

Perten Instruments FN method is the World Wide Standard for measuring alpha-amylase activity in both flour and meal of wheat, durum, rye, barley, other grains and malted cereals.

The Hagberg falling number (HFN) is a term that is used to give an indication of the enzyme activity in flour. It was developed in Sweden originally, and it is used to describe the number of seconds it takes for a plunger to fall through a mix of wheat flour in water.