MacView Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser

MacView Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser

The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser is an extreme sensitive ethylene measurement device suitable for measurement of ethylene in posthar- vest storage rooms, and scrubbers. Levels arround 1 ppb resolution can be mea- sured.

Postharvest monitoring
Ethylene (ISO-name ethene), is a plant hormone that is produced by trees, plants, vegetables, fruit, flowers and tulip bulbs. Several cultivars of these vegetations are extremely sensitive for the presence of ethylene in air. Ethylene cause a trig- ger of ripening and is thus a stress-hormone that can cause irreversible damage to the stored product. Monitoring of ethylene gives information about ethylene pro- duction. This information can prevent unexpected rising of ethylene levels that are higher then the harmfull level that a product can handle. The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser is a helpfull instru- ment that helps interpreting what has fhappened during the storage of your valuable product. Applications The markets that have direct advantage of the MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Analyser are fruit producers (growers), storage facilities, distributors, flower growers, greenhouse owners and research laboratories.

How to use
Most customers that use the MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser says that the value of the instrument is that you can see what happens with the product and that you got the feeling with the process. You will see things that you have never seen before and can relate the change in quality with situations that occur . The portable analyser can be used in any place or circumstances you like. It has a probe that can be inser- ted in a CA or ULO cell. After the measurement is started up, the mea- surement will be done in 5 minutes. With a simple press on a button a measurement is started. If necessarry the analyser can run in continu- ous mode. So every 10 minutes, samples are taken and stored in the internal memory. This portable ethylene measurement let you know where ethylen is possible threaten your quality process. For example in storage cells for fruit, the ethylene can be reduced by scrubbing out the ethylene by filters. It gives on long term a better quality of fruit. An other application is ethylene dosing for potato storage. Dosing ethyle- ne improves the quality of potatos. In several flower types very low levels of arround 50 ppb will damage the flowers. For example, roses or phalaenopsis are very sensitive, and any increase of ethylene must be avoided.

Control panel
The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser is available in 2 measurement ranges: 0-5000 ppb and 0-500 ppm. In the 0-2000 ppb version it gives the measured values in number of ppb’s (parts per bil- lion) on the display. In the 0-500 ppm version it gives a minimum value of 0.1 ppm resolution. Data is logged in the analyser , where also date and time is stored. The complete menu has a intuitive control panel. Connection to external control systems (CA / ULO) This portabIe system is not suitable for a connection with external control systems. For this purpose we have a separate analyser which could be integrated for 24 hours continuous work. In most storage facilities there are control systems for Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO), Controlled Atmosphere (CA), ventilation or circulatifon systems. These control systems already measure oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2). The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser has an extended range of possibilties for interconnection with these systems. In short can the control system send some pulses for: Start ethylene measurement, start zero measurement and start calibration. The analyser is then functioning as a slave machine and send back the measured values by the analog outputs.

Data / software
With the MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser data ca be logged with date and time stamp. Approximately 6700 record can be logged and the internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion batter pack will work for 16 hours continuously. PC-software suitable fo Windows 95, 98, Windows XP , Windows 2000 and Vista is enclose with the analyser . The analyser and software are available in th languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and French This gives a state of the art control to the system ready for imme diate start!

The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser has an extern option for an external low pressure gas bottle that contains calibratio gas. The calibration interval can be determined by the user. With a cal bration interval of 2 weeks, the calibration bottle can be used approx mately 1 year.

Tests carried out by the WUR
The MACView® Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser is tested at important institutes in the Netherlands: The device is tested at the WUR in the Netherlands. (WUR = Wageningen University and Research). TheWUR department PPO flowerbulbs andWUR department Agrotechnolgy Food Sciences Group (Postharvest Quality) tested the device. They tested our device against their GC and they concluded that the accuracy was better then the lowest accuracy they achieve with their existing GC. (Better then 10 ppb) The WUR also was looking for a good device to do research in practice at farmers locations for the mea- surement of very low ppb levels. It shows excellent results. The cross sensitivity is none to all common gases in normal air . For example apples emit very much arromates. None of these these aromates does have any effect on the measurement. Also variations like temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 variations are tested and show all very good results. With many thanks for all the tests and co-operation with the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) Netherlands.

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