Moisture, Protein, Oil Testing

The Inframatic 9500 is a compact NIR whole grain and flour analyzer that can analyze parameters like moisture, protein, oil, particle size, gluten etc. in all kind of whole grains and oilseeds like wheat, barley, wheat flour, mustard/rapeseed, soybean, corn, rice, etc. all in one instrument.


Features and Benefits

  • Tests sample without grinding.
  • Rugged, dust and vibration resistant instrument with Solid State driver.
  • Automatic data recording.
  • Scanning Grating Monochromator, Transmittance technology with wavelength range 570-1100 nm.
  • Analysis time: less than 1 minute.
  • Automatic sub-sampling of sample.
  • Inbuilt software and computer with routine analysis and reporting features.
  • Built-in multigrain cell.
  • Compatible with Artificial neural Network calibrations.
  • Sample quantity: 400 ml.
  • Can work in Stand alone as well in network.