SKCS 4100

Measure grain uniformity - Improve milling performance

Uniform wheat performs better in the flour mill and uniform barley results in better malt yields. The SKCS 4100 makes it possible to objectively test for uniformity.

Instead of determining the average quality of an entire sample of grain kernels, the SKCS determines the characteristics for each and every kernel – one by one - in a fully automatic mode. Moisture, hardness, diameter and weight are analyzed for each individual kernel. For flour millers and maltsters grain uniformity information makes it possible to increase yields, and the SKCS is a tool which rapidly pays back its investment cost.

Features and benefits

  • Grain uniformity testing - Increase yield in flour milling and malting.
  • Official hardness determination - Make sure your wheat meets specifications.
  • Rapid analysis - Less than 4 minutes analysis time.
  • Automated operation - No manual steps after the analysis is started.