ultraFAIMS mass spectrometer compatibility


ultraFAIMS has been interfaced with a range of different mass spectrometers and ionization sources. We aim to develop interfaces for as many instruments as possible, so please contact us to see if your instrument is already supported. Custom interface designs may also be possible. The list below shows optimum specification for key source & inlet parameters.

INLET GAS FLOW RATE Optimal range for standard ultraFAIMS chips is 1-2L/min (lower and higher flow rates are possible, but may require a custom chip design)
IONISATION SOURCE TYPE Any atmospheric pressure source should be compatible – for liquid-phase sources such as ESI the interface design must ensure good ion desolvation upstream of the chip
MATERIALS Materials present in the source region are gold-plated nickel, Rogers 4350B ceramic, stainless steel 316, PTFE, PEEK and Macor ® ceramic (plus a small amount of solder)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE Must be stable for good performance, limited to 150°C at chip region
VOLTAGES Voltages The system is compatible with inlet voltages up to +/-6kV
LIQUID FLOW RATE COMPATIBILITY Tested from 50nl/min to 0.5ml/min