Wireless Egg Node

The First Wireless Egg Ever!

ORKA’s Wireless Egg Node™ (Smart Egg or Crackless Egg) provides real time measure of shocks, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to your eggs, helping to monitor eggs grading / packing facilities and eggs transportation systems from egg cage to grocery store, identifying exact locations where eggs damages are made and thus aiming to reduce eggs breakages and losses.


Egg industry loses huge amount of money every day via damaged eggs.
Layer farms, hatching companies and others lose money via damaged eggs during transportation somewhere between egg cages and final destinations.

Wireless Egg Node™ is aimed to identify exact locations where eggs damages are made and help improving the operation efficiency and the bottom line profits of layer farms and hatching companies.

Manufacturers of grading and packing machines may utilize Wireless Egg Node™ to make sure their conveyor systems run smoothly and are well calibrated.

Main Features:

  • True Egg shape, size and weight.
  • Tri-Axis high speed accelerometer (x, y, z axis).
  • Temperature sensor, ideal for hatchery use
  • Water resistance, can go through washer machines
  • Data remittance up to 2 km (1.2 mile) in open space
  • Wireless communication allows real time data collection and review.
  • Network supports simultaneous multiple Wireless Eggs (up to 2000 eggs).
  • Real time mode as well as data recording (data logging) mode. There are 3 modes of operation:
    • Continuous data transmission: 1 sample/hour to 512 samples/second
    • Periodic burst transmission: 32 Hz to 4096 Hz (1 channel) 
    • Data logging (data recording): 32 Hz to 4096 Hz (1 channel)
  • High speed sampling +/- 32 micro seconds
  • Can remotely configure and program Wireless Egg Node™ via wireless communication (including: On/Off, sampling modes, sampling rates). 
  • Low power consumption allows extended use, up to 21 hours continuous use (in 1 sample/second rate)
  • Standalone radio communication (2.4 GHz), enabling much longer communication rage than Bluetooth device (up to 1.2 mile)
  • Ideal for measuring vibration, rotation / tilt, inclination, shocks and acceleration to your eggs on transportation
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Provide reports, real time charts and/or data recordings
  • Can measure up to +/- 10 G Force of impact
  • Can work with laptop computers as well as tablets running on Windows operating system with USB port
  • Video tutorials provided
  • 1 year full warranty


Wireless Egg Node™ set includes:

Wireless Egg Node Complete Set

  • Carrying case
  • Base station + Antenna
  • USB communication cable
  • 1 Wireless Egg (Red or Yellow)
  • Node Commander software
  • AC charger/adapter








Integrated sensors

Triaxial MEMS accelerometer, 3 channels

Internal temperature, 1 channel


2M bytes(up to1,000,000 data points,data type dependent)

Accelerometer  Channels


± 2g  standard


0.5 to 226 Hz


10 mg


12 bit

Anti-aliasing  filter  bandwidth

Single-pole Butter worth, -3 dB cutoff at 500 Hz (factory adjustable)

Integrated Temperature Channel


-40 °C to 70 °C

Accuracy and resolution

±2°C(at 25°C)typical,12 bit


Sampling modes

Synchronized,low duty cycle, data logging

    Sampling rates

Continuousampling:1 sample/hour to 512Hz

Periodiburssampling: 32Hz to 4096Hz (1 channel) 

Datlogging32Hz to 4096Hz (1 channel)

Samplrate stability

±3 ppm

    Network capacity

Up to 2000 Egg Nodes per RF channel (and per gateway) 

depending on the number of active channels and sampling settings.

Refer to the system band width calculator:

Synchronization between nodes



    Radifrequency(RF) transceivecarrier

2.405 to 2.470 GHz  direct sequence spread spectrum over 14 channels, license  free  worldwide,radiated power  programmable from 0 dBm (1mW) to16 dBm (39mW); low power option available for use outside the U.S.A.-limited to 10 dBm (10mW)

Range for bi-directional RF link

70 m to 2 km line of sight with RF power setting

RF communication protocol

IEEE 802.15.4

RF data downloading

4.5 minutes to download full memory


Internal: 3.7 Vdc, 220 mAh, rechargeable lithium polymer battery External: 3.2 Vdc to 9Vdc

Power  consumption

    See power profile on next page

Operating temperature

-20 °C to+60 °C (-40 °C to+85°C electronics only)

Acceleration limit

500 g

Physical Specifications


72 mm x 48 mm


47 grams

Environmental  rating

Indoor use

Enclosure material

ABS plastic


Compatible gateways

Egg Node Base Stations


NodeCommander®,WindowsXP/Vista/7 compatible

    Softwardevelopment kit (SDK)

Data communications protocol available with EEPROM maps and sample code  (OS and computing platform independent)

Regulatory compliance

FCC(U.S.), IC(Canada), ROHS



 Egg Node Wireless Sensor Network


Streaming Graph

Streaming Graph

Wireless Egg Node Brochure-Jan2016-v2 .pdf