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ATS have been pioneers in offering expertise in professional food technology, defence research, medical research, poultry and gas sensor technology services since 2004.

We are one of India's leading providers of specialist instrumentation for measuring and extending product shelf life,
including a strong focus on analytical instrumentation and process monitoring and research equipment for the food / dairy/ feed/ grain/ defence/ medical sector.

ATS are leading that charge in providing tools to assist with;

  • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

  • NIR solutions for testing e.g. Fat, Protein, Ash monitoring and control

  • Viscosity Analysis

  • Nano Sensor Technology

  • Poultry and Feed Research

  • Breath Biopsy Research


The company has been built on its reputation and commitment to service.

“We have worked hard to develop a comprehensive suite of analysis tools and resources to ensure our clients
shelf life, resulting in less product wastage, increased sales and improved profitability.”

ATS provides a complete peace of mind service by ensuring the availability of backup instrumentation with minimal downtime.
This is something our clients require and have grown to depend on.
Fully trained in-house technicians ensure we can locally repair, service and calibrate all our instruments.

We trust we can assist your company in achieving greater success.


ATS consists of a team of dedicated engineers and support staff. We stress the need for technical competence. Constant learning and a burning desire to be the best in the industry has further improved the capabilities and expertise of our personnel.


Our infrastructure includes a computer center consisting of computers so that we can show our customers the tools and technology that we promote. They can have a hand on experience with the tools, model some sample problems and acquired confidence in this methodologies before they need actually commit their funds. Assisting them is our team of well-qualified engineers who provide applications engineering support and guidance in both the tools and methodologies.


ATS is committed in maintaining consistently high quality standards of people, of processes, of infrastructure. It is our constant endeavor to ensure the highest quality in every aspect of that we straddle. Our processes are documented, institutionalized and evaluated, helping us become more effective and efficient with every project we work on.

We apply Quality Control and Management principles to all aspects of the Project Execution, Delivery and Management cycle. Rigorous Quality Control and Management procedures minimize the number of defects. During each step of the Quality Assurance cycle, metrics data are collected and cross referenced against our internal database.

The collected metrics and data are finally into the Quality Management Database for internal audit and review.We don't compromise on quality even if we have to meet the toughest of deadlines. As far as timely delivery of projects and customer satisfaction is concerned, we have a 100% track record. For us, quality is the path, not the destination.

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