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The EggAnalyzer® was introduced in 2006 to answer the need for consistent, accurate, objective egg-quality testing. Results of traditional methods are more subjective and open to inconsistent results. The EggAnalyzer® uses cutting edge technology to measure the egg’s weight, albumen height and yolk color and automatically calculates the Haugh unit (HU) in just 17 seconds.

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Egg Force Reader measures the destruction strength of egg shells. The gauge provides a very high level of accuracy. It offers supreme ease of operation and outstandingly convenient measurement with its digital control and displays.


The Egg Shell Thickness Gauge (ESTG) is an extremely precise high-resolution non-destructive device for measuring egg shell thickness. It measures the thickness of an egg shell without breaking the egg using precision ultrasound.

The gauge has a sturdy extruded aluminum housing which is sealed for excellent environmental protection, ensuring trouble-free use even in the toughest field and production environments.


ORKA’s Digital Haugh Tester measures the height of egg albumen and allows you to manually determine the Haugh unit quickly and accurately.

Digital Haugh Tester is extremely precise and friendly to use in order to assist you with the correct process of reading of the albumen height.

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ORKA’s Egg OR-Candler® is a portable LED battery/mains operated egg candling lamp, allowing the user to candle both white and brown eggs in any environment. Egg OR Candler, the most portable, mobile and handy candler avaialble in the market today.

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Wireless Egg Node™ identifies exact locations where egg damage takes place!

Wireless Egg Node™ (or Smart Egg) provides a real-time measure of shock, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to which eggs are subjected, helping to monitor egg conveying, grading and packing installations and transportation extending from laying location to point of sale.

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DSM Yolk Color Fan (formerly Roche Yolk Color Fan) is 16 scales color index to distinguish the yolk color density and is widely used in the poultry industry all over the world.

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