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EggTester.Com (officially known as “ORKA Food Technology“) is a leading worldwide supplier of

egg-quality measuring equipment. The company was established in 2004 to respond to the needs

of the egg industry for innovative, labor-saving, high-quality devices for measuring egg-quality.

The professionals who founded EggTester.Com have backgrounds in multidisciplinary engineering,

advanced medical devices, research, development and marketing.

Besides manufacturing state of the art egg-quality measuring equipment, EggTester.Com is involved in

ongoing research and development of other egg-quality measuring devices.


The company sells internationally and maintains a network of distributors worldwide to assist with

technical support and service.

The flagship product, Egg Analyzer was released in early 2006 and was soon followed by a series of

other egg-quality measuring devices, such as Eggshell Thickness Gauge, Egg Force Reader,

Digital Haugh Tester & Egg Candler

The following are some of the products from Orka Eggtester which are popular worldwide.



The EggAnalyzer® was introduced in 2006 to answer the need for consistent, accurate, objective

egg-quality testing. Results of traditional methods are more subjective and open to inconsistent results.

The EggAnalyzer® uses cutting edge technology to measure the egg's weight, albumen height& yolk color

and automatically calculates the Haugh unit in just 17 seconds. 


  1. An electronic scale measures the egg's weight

  2. Ultrasound sensors measure the albumen height and yolk color without touching the egg

  3. Automatically calculates and classifies the Haugh unit

  4. Displays and prints measured values and calculated values

  5. High measurement accuracy

  6. Constantly stable measurement, not dependant on individual operators

  7. Shortens the measurement time to approx.17 seconds per set

  8. Proprietary software works with an external PC and allows:

    1. Enhanced data storage and retrieval

    2. Advanced data processing

    3. Superior printing option







Egg Force Reader measures the destruction strength of egg shells. The gauge provides a very high level

of accuracy. It offers supreme ease of operation and outstandingly convenient measurement with its

digital control and displays.



  • Electrically measures the eggs destruction strength with hands free

  • Automatic Up and Down movements

  • Displays, prints and save measured Peak

  • High measurement accuracy

  • Constantly stable measurement, not depending on individual operators

  • Shortens the measurement time (less than 10 seconds!!! for one set)

  • Upgraded PC software with enhanced data retrieving, processing and printing, “save to Excel” option







ORKA’s Egg OR-Candler® is a portable LED battery/mains operated egg candling lamp,

allowing the user to candle both white and brown eggs in any environment.



  • LED : 10 Watt

  • Max Output (Luminous Flux): 1000 Lumens

  • LED life : 50,000 hours

  • Battery : Lithium ion battery, 4400mAh

  • Battery Run time : 180 minutes (100% brightness)

  • Battery lifespan : Rechargeable 500-800 times

  • Power supply : 110-230 V







Applied Testing Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Orka Eggtester in India. If you would like to get a quote for any of the above mentioned products, just fill up this form or send an email directly to

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