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The V-OVG platform features an innovative new oven design. The larger, vertically mounted chamber allows the use of multiple, physically large or specialist permeation devices.


Owlstone Vapor Generators are compact, cost-effective calibration gas systems, which can generate NIST traceable, precise, repeatable, and accurate concentrations of chemicals and calibration gas standards. The V-OVG is a versatile platform for the calibration of industrial and scientific gas sensors. Using permeation tube technology, a V-OVG system can replace multiple gas cylinders resulting in significant cost and space savings.

The new V-OVG sample oven is 16 times the volume of the OVG-4 model. This larger oven allows gas standards to be produced from multiple and non-standard geometry permeation sources. The V-OVG also features an improved split flow meter with a digital readout and a RS-485 communications module for computer control.

  • V-OVG's vertical oven holds up to 6 permeation tubes

  • Wafer device/diffusion tube

  • Digital control of permeation oven temperature, sample flow, and split flow enables fully automated generation of calibration gases

  • Easily add parallel channels

  • Vertical loading, large-bore oven for multiple permeation tubes and diffusion tubes.

V-OVG and OVG-4

The three principal differences between the calibration gas generators are listed below. V-OVG has:

  • Vertical oven compatible with diffusion tubes

  • Large-bore oven can hold up to 6 permeation tubes simultaneously

  • Digital control of split flow and sample flow

V-OVG's Technical Specifications

  • TECHNOLOGY: Permeation tubes and diffusion tubes

  • AVAILABLE ANALYTES: >500 including VOCs, environmental gases, explosive and CW agents, and simulants


  • DIMENSIONS: H 262 mm, W 142 mm, D 260 mm

  • EXHAUST CONNECTION: ¼” Swagelok tube

  • EXHAUST FLOW RANGE: 0 ml/min to >3000 ml/min


  • INLET AIR: Regulated air/nitrogen. Free from impurities, -35°C dew point

  • INLET CONNECTION: ¼” Swagelok quick connect

  • INLET PRESSURE: 40 psi

  • OUTPUT CONCENTRATIONS: parts per trillion to parts per thousand



  • SAMPLE OUTLET CONNECTION: ⅛” Swagelok compression fittings

  • OVEN TEMPERATURE: 30–100°C ±0.1°C in 0.1°C increments

  • SAMPLE OUTLET FLOW RANGE: 20–250 ml/min



Integrating Your V-OVG with Humidity Generators and Flow Controllers


Owlstone’s modular GenSys easily allows you to add the OHG-4 Humidity Generator and the OFC-1 Flow Controller to your system setup.



The Owlstone Humidity Generator (OHG-4) is a versatile humidity generator that is used to produce a range of relative humidity concentrations from 1 to 90%RH (±1%).


OFC-1 Flow Controller

The Owlstone Flow Controller can be fully integrated into your GEN‑SYS rack for secondary dilution and ultra-low concentrations.

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