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The EggAnalyzer® was introduced in 2006 to answer the need for consistent, accurate, objective egg-quality testing. Results of traditional methods are more subjective and open to inconsistent results. The EggAnalyzer® uses cutting edge technology to measure the egg’s weight, albumen height and yolk color and automatically calculates the Haugh unit (HU) in just 17 seconds.


  • An electronic scale measures the egg’s weight

  • Ultrasound sensors measure the albumen height and yolk color without touching the egg

  • Automatically calculates and classifies the Haugh unit (HU)

  • Displays and prints measured values and calculated values

  • High measurement accuracy

  • Constantly stable measurement, not dependent on individual operators

  • Shortens the measurement time to approx.17 seconds per set

  • Proprietary software works with an external PC and allows: 1. Enhanced data storage and retrieval 2. Advanced data processing 3. Superior printing option


  •  Albumen height: 0mm – 30mm +/- 0.1mm

  •  Yolk color: 1 – 16 according to the DSM (formerly Roche) Yolk color fan (support 16 colors, NEW!)

  •  Haugh unit: 0 – 130 HU

  •  Egg grades based on Haugh units:
        1. AA : 72 or higher
        2. A : 71 – 60
        3. B : 59 – 31
        4. C : 30 or less

  •  Stores, calculates and averages up to 1000 units of data

  •  Displays results on LCD screen

  •  Built-in printer (uses an off the shelf thermal paper)

  •  Suitable to worldwide voltage supply: 90 – 230V, 50/60 Hz

  •  Physical dimensions: W x H x D 280mm (11″) x 280mm (11″) x 330mm (13″)

  •  Weight: 6.5 KG

  •  Proprietary software for external PC operation content/uploads/Poulvia USB communication cable

  •  Optional carrying case (New!)

Egg Analyzer Video

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