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The Owlstone Calibration Gas Generator (OVG-4) is a compact, cost-effective calibration gas system, which can generate NIST traceable, precise, repeatable, and accurate concentrations of chemicals and calibration gas standards. Designed for calibration of industrial and scientific gas sensors, the OVG-4 incorporates permeation tube technology and can replace multiple gas cylinders.


The V-OVG platform features an innovative new oven design. The larger, vertically mounted chamber allows the use of multiple, physically large or specialist permeation devices. The V-OVG is a versatile platform for the calibration of industrial and scientific gas sensors. Using permeation tube technology, a V-OVG system can replace multiple gas cylinders resulting in significant cost and space savings.

The Owlstone Humidity Generator (OHG-4) is a versatile humidity generator that is used to produce a range of relative humidity concentrations from 1 to 90%RH (±1%). Designed to be mounted in the Gen-Sys rack, the OHG-4 can be used in conjunction with your OVG-4 or V-OVG to generate a wide range of vapor standards, suitable for calibration of sensors, especially gas sensors.


The Owlstone Flow Controller can be fully integrated into your GEN‑SYS rack for secondary dilution and ultra-low concentrations. The OFC-1 Flow Controller works alongside our Calibration Gas Generators and Humidity Generator to provide an easily controlled, highly accurate flow of diluent gas.


Gen-Sys is a modular system for generating precise and traceable calibrated gas standards or relative humidity. Since the products work stand-alone, or in tandem, you combine and buy only the subsystems you require: they are supplied in a rack that holds up to three systems, side by side.


Reliable and reproducible, non-invasive Breath Biopsy® sample collection. ReCIVA was developed in collaboration with multi-disciplinary leaders in the breath research field as an optimized tool for robust and reliable breath sample collection that maximizes clinical applications by prioritizing safety and comfort during use.

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