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ReCIVA® Breath Sampler


Reliable and reproducible, non-invasive Breath Biopsy® sample collection

  • Collect volatile organic compound and respiratory droplet samples from exhaled breath

  • Simple, non-invasive sampling during normal tidal breathing with options for breath fraction targeting

  • Designed and optimized to ensure high patient safety and comfort

  • Used in over 100 academic and clinical research sites worldwide

Developed by experts in breath research to optimize breath sample collection

Breath is a rich and complex sampling medium containing both VOCs and respiratory droplets carrying non-volatiles, proteins, lipids, viruses and even bacteria. As with any analytical challenge, accessing the information contained in breath depends on highly reproducible analysis supported by standardized sample collection. These are vital to maximizing the comparability and consistency of results, which is essential to driving progress and achieving widespread clinical implementation of breath research.

ReCIVA was developed in collaboration with multi-disciplinary leaders in the breath research field as an optimized tool for robust and reliable breath sample collection that maximizes clinical applications by prioritizing safety and comfort during use.

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How it works


Whatever your area of research interest, we’ve designed ReCIVA to be as versatile as possible while still providing quality breath sample collection. ReCIVA simultaneously collects replicate samples contributing to the reliability of Breath Biopsy and the robustness of results. Each Breath Biopsy Cartridge includes four independent adsorbent tubes for VOC collection. Tubes can be combined to enhance sensitivity or analyzed separately as replicate samples.

ReCIVA directly captures and pre-concentrates VOC biomarkers in breath onto breath biopsy cartridge. The direct extraction of VOCs from atmospheric gases means samples can be greatly enriched for VOCs on breath, even those at low abundance, simply by collecting samples for longer. This pre-concentration means that Breath Biopsy can offer higher sensitivity for trace VOCs, it also means Breath Biopsy samples are more robust during shipping or storage before sample analysis.



By adjusting ReCIVA’s collection settings using the straightforward Breath Biopsy Collect software interface, you can also collect VOCs from selected breath fractions allowing you to differentially analyze VOCs originating from the deep lungs, upper airways or mouth and throat, depending on your area of interest.

ReCIVA’s built-in carbon dioxide and pressure sensors monitor and learn the breath patterns of each subject in real time and only activate the pumps that draw air into the Breath Biopsy Cartridge at the right times to collect each breath fraction (e.g. end tidal or bronchial airways).

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Analysis of VOCs on breath


ReCIVA is used to collect breath samples onto Breath Biopsy Cartridges for separate analysis. It is ideal for use in conjunction with techniques such as GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) and GC-FAIMS (gas chromatography field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry).

When using ReCIVA for breath collection you have the choice of returning samples to us for specialist analysis by our breath biopsy service team using our optimized analysis assays, or keeping samples for analysis in your own facilities.

Opting to use Breath Biopsy Services includes VOC detection using high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry and reliable VOC identification using our HRAM Breath Biopsy Library. Our Library includes many compounds on breath with evidence of associations to various key diseases and biological processes.

Reciva Technical Specifications

  • SIZE: 120 x 100 x 140mm

  • WEIGHT: 250g (approx.)

  • POWER: 4.5W consumption, 5V input




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