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DSM Yolk Color Fan

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DSM Yolk Color Fan (formerly Roche Yolk Color Fan) is 16 scales color index to distinguish the yolk color density and is widely used in the poultry industry all over the world.


Consumer studies indicate that people worldwide have strong cultural preferences regarding the color of the food they eat. DSM Yolk Color Fan allows feed producers to supplement their feed with the type and quantity of carotenoids that will deliver precise and consistent food color and meet consumer expectations around the world.

For example, many brand eggs in Japan are from chickens that are fed flower petals, commonly chrysanthemums, to make the yolks a darker yellow. Red rose petals would add an orange hue to the yellow yolk. In general, the feed given chickens in Japan has a higher percentage of materials that are high in carotene or carotenoids because darker yellow yolk is perceived as healthier and more nutritious in Japan.

It is a part of the quality standard for carotenoid-based pigmentation in egg yolks, and is recognized globally across the value chain as the reference method for the poultry industry. 

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