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Specialized in scientific instruments, known as the high-quality instruments manufacturer and the

perfect service provider. Hanon Group is committed to the research of scientific instruments and

analysis methods in the food and pharmacy industries, provision of instruments, and comprehensive

solutions for technology workers. Within over 66’000 square meter factories, more than 400 employees

all over the world. and four R&D centers in Dortmund, Shanghai, Suzhou. and Jinan, Hanon Group now

offer 4 brands and more than 100 models of products.

Hanon Group has formulated strict working standards and technical standards in R&D, accessories

purchasing, standardizing manufacturing, and production inspection.

Hanon Group has got CE certificate, UKAS’s ISO Quality Management System Certification, and

86 patents to ensure that every instrument has stable performance and excellent quality.

With 21 service outlets and 3 factories, Hanon Group has already built a 7 * 10 service response system

to ensure professional service for users.


The scope and market share of Hanon Group is expanding year by year both in overseas 60 countries and regions and the domestic 34 provincial administrative units. Hanon Group appear as a public enterprise on the stock market in early 2014, NEEQ: 430476. Hanon Group is committed to providing customers with a better user experience and hopes to become a world-class scientific instruments service provider!




Auto Digital Polarimeter


Polarimeter with automatic photoelectric inspection technology, boasts accurate and reliable

measurement, convenient operation. By detecting the optical rotation, the density, content,

and purity of substances can be analyzed and determined. It's widely used in pharmaceutical,

petroleum, food, chemicals, flavors, spices, sugar marking and other industries, and universities

and research institutes. New upgraded models: P810 Pro/ P850 Pro adopt brilliant Android

system and communication ports, let new models meet FDA 21 CFR part 11.





Auto Digital Refractometer

Hanon A670/A630 Automatic Refractometer includes high-performance CCD light-sensitive

part based on abbe principle, it can automatically measure the refractive index(nD) of

transparent, translucent, dark, viscous and other types liquid sample, also can measure

sugar degree(Brix) of sugar solution. It’s accurate, reliable, fast, easy operation.

Full compliance with FDA 21CFR part.11. A670 innovative use of cloud service systems,

all the data from instrument can update to cloud server, especially for group company or

government customer, automatic refractometer has a wid range of use, within the field of

factories, university and related scientific research institute, petroleum, oil, pharmaceutical,

paints, food, daily chemical, sugar and geological prospecting industries.

Automatic Titrator

The titrator is a high-precision laboratory experimental analysis instrument that uses

potentiometric, dead-stop, Karl Fischer, and other titration methods for capacity analysis.

It can perform acid-base titration, redox, precipitation, complexation, dead-stop, Karl Fischer

moisture, etc. It has the functions of constant titration, micro titration, end point setting

titration, volume setting titration and mode titration, etc. At the same time, it can choose or

build its own special titration mode according to the actual needs of users.


Hanon series of products can be used in food, drug inspection, disease control,

inspection, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, marine,

electric power, environmental protection, new energy, teaching, scientific research, and other fields.



Various Lab Analyzers Prices 

Applied Testing Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Hanon Group in India. If you would like to get a quote for any of the above mentioned products, just fill up this form or send an email directly to

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