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Starch Damage Analyzer SD-A

The most modern and accurate starch damage analyzer available. Erkaya Instruments is one of the premium company in grain quality testing and The SD-A is the latest model and offers the best accuracy available. It is reliable, robust, and built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations. 



The measurement principle is based on the amperometric method (Medcalf & Gilles).
The SDmatic measures iodine absorption in a diluted flour suspension. How fast the iodine is absorbed by the starch depends on how damaged it is.


Measures the level of starch damage in flour:

  • To ensure optimization and settings of the milling process (rolls, parallelism, wear).

  • To produce flours according to customer’s specifications.

  • To ensure a flour of an optimal and constant quality.

  • To optimize the addition of additives in the flour including α-amylase.

  • To predict and control processing and the quality of finished products (stickiness, volume, shelf-life and color).

  • To control the consistency of your flours (hydration rate, proofing, behaviour during the process)

  • To improve dough yield by adjusting the hydration rate of flours.

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