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Vibe QM 3 Grain Analyzer


The Vibe QM3 Grain Analyzer measures, counts and classifies kernel size, shape and color. Analysis results are absolute, accurate and reproducible. One of the key features of the Vibe QM3 is the speed and accuracy of results. 30g samples of grain kernels can be analyzed and reported upon in less than 30 seconds using a simple 3 step process

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The Vibe QM3 provides rice researchers, traders and processing companies an ‘expert’ inspection and analysis instrument that overcomes the limitations of subjectivity and speed that are evident in manual inspection methods. Furthermore, the superior resolution of the optical system in the QM3 provides higher levels of accuracy and reproducibility of results when compared with other instruments available in the market today.


Key Features

  • Wheat, Soybean, Canola, Barley, Chickpeas and more. 

  • Broken (%)

  • Size analysis: Length, Width, Area, Length/Width ratio

  • Abnormal color recognition :Yellow/Green/Red damages, dark tips, black stains.

  • Grain counting.

  • Grain size distribution information.




  • Black tipped

  • Field fungi

  • Sprouted

  • Skinnings

  • Color damages 

  • Grain size analysis


  • Pink diseased 

  • White diseased

  • Black damages

  • Immature kernels


  • Color characteristic in LAB/ RGB channels

  • Gray kernels

  • Black damages

  • 1,000 grains analysis

  • Grain counting



  • Black spots detection

  • Red damages

  • Sizing information

  • Grain size analysis

  • Color characteristic in LAB/ RGB channels


  • Color characteristic in LAB/ RGB channels

  • Black grains

  • Light grains

  • Red grains

  • 1,000 grains analysis

  • Grain counting

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces inspection time by factor of 10

  • Produce absolute, accurate and reproducible results

  • Results stored in a database for traceability and further analysis

  • Images of samples are saved for transability and further analysis

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